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Group swimming lessons taught by Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors. Weekday swim lessons at Mills Pond Pool run for 2 consecutive weeks. All swimming lessons run rain or shine, except in the incidence of thunderstorms.
Swimming Lesson Descriptions
Parent-Child: This class uses a mixture of group songs and one-on-one instructor attention to make young swimmers more comfortable in the water. This level includes plenty of scooping, kicking, blowing bubbles, back floating, and gliding for all participants. It is intended for children aged 6 months to 2 years old. 
Parent-Child 2: This class is designed as a bridge class between the parent child 1 class and group swimming lessons. Children will do activities with their parents one on one along with the instructor and other students. Plenty of scooping, kicking, blowing bubbles, back floating and gliding for all participants. Children 2-3 yrs old.
Level 1: The first level of swimming lessons teaches swimmers scooping, kicking, blowing bubbles, back floats, and underwater bobs. By the end of level 1, children should be able to swim at least 5 feet independently, be able to dunk their heads underwater, and start to float on their backs independently.
Level 2: Swimmers are introduced to more technique, such as reaching their arms over their heads during front crawl, and using straight legs to kick while swimming. All swimming in this level is done independently, and by the end swimmers should have fairly good front crawl form, be able to move their arms and legs on their backs, and be able to swim at least 15-20 feet independently.
Level 3: This class introduces rotary breathing to the front crawl, as well as the backstroke. Swimmers begin to dive, and learn the dolphin kick. By the end of level 3, children should be able to swim at least 15 yards of front crawl and backstroke with good technique (across the width of the pool) and tread water for at least 30 seconds.
Level 4: Kids will learn the techniques for almost all swimming strokes. Swimmers will continue to improve their stamina and technique in front crawl and backstroke, while also learning breaststroke, butterfly, and the scissor kick. Standing dives are taught, and swimmers should be working toward the ability to swim laps. By the end of level 4, swimmers should be comfortable swimming at least 25 yards of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
Levels 5 and 6: These are often taught as one class unless enough students are enrolled to permit separate classes. Swimmers in these classes are working toward swimming laps and perfecting their strokes. Things introduced in level 5 include flip turns and sidestroke, and swimmers should be comfortable swimming 50 yards at a time of any stroke to succeed in these levels.

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